Logo Design

Create a logo to use in the header of your Digital Portfolio and reply to […]

FCP Tutorial Color Isolation

From:¬†http://www.finalcutking.com/ Choose a clip from Rosskopf shared and use this tutorial to isolate one color. […]

Project #1: Who Are We?

An identity piece in which classmates (working in pairs) conduct a two question video interview […]

Motion Control Time Lapse Videography

Time Lapse Videography is a technique in which video of sped up in order to […]

Multimedia Web Site

You will be creating your Multimedia Page in Dreamweaver. Save it in your My DP/Multimedia/pages […]

Defying the Odds — After Effects & DSLR Project

As young people, you are in a unique situation — you can choose your path […]

Bad Movie Physics

Good entertainment doesn’t always mean good physics. Movies stretch and bend the truth to the […]

Make Flash Based Games w/Stencyl

Working with a partner, follow Crash Courses 1 & 2, at Stencylpedia then create your […]

Teaching with Video

Teaching with video: Part 1: The Basics of video production for beginners and the budget-less. […]