3D Imaging

3D Imaging Wiggle 3D Example Anaglyph 3D Example Background: Depth perception is the ability to […]


Cinemagraphs are a combination of still image and video. They are most effective when there […]

Sports Multimedia Documentary

You will create short videos in After Effects to be the supporting visuals to help […]

Photoshop for Teachers

Helpful tips and tricks for teachers using Photoshop for class projects RGB/8 (Red, Green, Blue […]

Perspective, Illustrated

In this project, working with a partner, you will use original photographs and annotate in […]

LS 11/12/2015

GLITCH ART How To¬†Glitch Images STEP 1: Select an Image. Select an image (TIFF, JPG, […]

Time-Lapse and Stop Motion

Time-lapse and stop-motion are creative ways to tell stories, document projects/exhibitions, or just make beautiful […]