Solar Oven Documentary

In groups of NO MORE THAN 2, You will edit one or more segments of your groups documentary. Most of the footage from the project can be found in your Downloads in a folder called, “Solar Oven All Media.” Additional footage can be found here:¬†More solar Oven Media Link


The segments of your documentary should include:

  • Intro
  • Empathy/Defined Problem/Needs Statement
  • Solution/Ideation/Design/Prototyping
  • Initial Testing/Redesign/Retesting
  • Cooking
  • Conclusion

In iMovie:

  • Create a “New Project”
  • Select “Import Media” and import the “Solar Oven All Media” folder.
  • Delete (Ctrl & click and select “Delete Media From Event”) the clips you won’t be using.
  • Write a script for the narration of your segment. Use a COPY of the template below.
  • Import your narration.
  • Edit your segment.

Putting it all together:

  • Export (File > Share > File) your group’s final edited segment.
  • Airdrop all of your group’s exported files to one computer.
  • Put all the segments together in iMovie.
  • Make sure the audio is consistent.
  • Add Music.
  • Export the final video.
  • Upload the final video to Google Drive and share with,¬†, &,

Make a copy of this script template: 2-Column Script Template.



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