ABCD (Animated Blind Contour Drawing) Project

Students will create an blind contour drawing, then using After Effects, animate the pen line.

Sequential Photography

Sequential Photography is a series of photographs capturing a subject in motion, then stitched together […]

Jib Jab/Monty Python Style Animation

1. Transcribe a conversation you’ve heard at school 2. Using Scriptbuddy, write a 2 page […]

Walking Backwards Played back in Reverse

The challenge: Shoot a continuous scene (no edits) with each actor walking backwards and the […]

Neighborhoods, a film by Vera Danilina

neighborhood from Vera Danilina on Vimeo. This video serves as the inspiration for our own […]

Photoshop Self Portraits

For this project, you will be creating a “line art” self portrait by using the […]

Levitation Stop Motion Video

Shooting your still images Plan your shots. You will need to take at least 50 […]

3D Imaging

3D Imaging Wiggle 3D Example Anaglyph 3D Example Background: Depth perception is the ability to […]

Photoshop Silhouettes

  To create a Photoshop silhouette: 1. Open a photograph of yourself that you will […]