Perspective, Illustrated

In this project, working with a partner, you will use original photographs and annotate in Photoshop to define and illustrate the following principles of composition and perspective.

Horizon Line
Vanishing Point & Converging Parallel Lines
Atmospheric Perspective
Negative Space
Depth of Field
Illogical Disclosure/Forced Perspective
Rule of Thirds
Bilateral Symmetry
Motion Blur

1. Find images online that are examples of each of the above terms.
2. Define each term in your own words.
3. Prepare a Google Doc with all definitions and found images.
4. Take original photographs that exemplify each of the terms.
5. In Photoshop, draw lines, shapes and text on your original image to illustrate and define the term.


Photoshop Tools Used:
Edit Tranfsorm – Skew, Distort, Perspective
Blur Tool
Horizontal Type Tool
Line Tool

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