Optical Illusions

1. Thatcher Effect 2. Profile Optical Illusion: http://www.howtogeek.com/103455/stupid-photoshop-tricks-create-an-optical-illusion-double-portrait/ 3. Leaning Tower Illusion Credit:¬†https://thesituationist.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/learning-tower-illusion/ If the […]

Post Apocalypse San Diego

What would San Diego look like after a cataclysmic event? What could cause flora and […]

3-D Drawing Machine

INCREDIBLE 3D DRAWING MACHINE from David Battistella on Vimeo.

Slit-Scan Time-Displacement After Effects

How To Create Bizarre Slit Scan Video using After Effects from FilmmakerIQ.com on Vimeo. http://filmmakeriq.com/lessons/how-to-create-bizarre-slit-scan-video-using-after-effects/

Intro to Computer Science

We will be exploring Computer Science by auditing classes from Harvard’s CS50X Course, offered online […]


Make your sprite move forward from Kunal Chawla on Vimeo. Your assignment is to explore […]

2.5 Dimension Effect

2.5 D is the effect of making 2 dimensional images seem 3 dimensional by animating […]