Broadcast Journalism Elective

In this elective, everyone will be responsible for creating all parts of a news broadcast including:

-:30 Opening with original music

-1:00 News package that includes a reporter intro, interview, and b-roll

-A creative (Video, Animation, Stop Motion, etc.) interpretation of the 8 Keys pledge.

-All story ideas must include a Proposal and script.

-A contribution (article, poem, photo essay, cartoon strip, etc.) for “The SurfRider.”

Shooting tips:

-Zon’t zoom!

-Keep it Steady, Silly (K.I.S.S.). Use a tripod when available.

-Lights! Make sure your subjects face is well lit.

-Quiet! Find a quiet place to record.

-Microphone – get your mic close to your subject. This will improve audio.


Link to shared Google Drive with Broadcast Journalism Resources

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