Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Documentary Production

Share scripts with teachers and make final edits.

Record Narration – Everyone participates.
-Share audio file in your group’s folder in theĀ Monarch Butterfly Media folder.

In groups of 2

Download all media for your group fromĀ Monarch Butterfly Media

Start new iMovie project for your stage.
-Import Narration audio file
-Import Images and Video
-Edit Narration (trim and split clip)
-Add images and video to illustrate what the narration is saying.

To Export Your Finished Video

Export your video from iMovie

Rename it with the Stage and the names of the editors. Remember where you export it!

Upload the exported file here:

Edited Stages




For this project, students will be researching the stages of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle, and adding their notes to the collaborative Google Docs found here:

Butterfly Research

We will then use the research notes to create a script for a short documentary film about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.

Link to Pictures and Video for the Monarch Butterfly Documentary


Life Cycle Documentary Rough Draft

Life Cycle Documentary Feedback

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